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    "I can’t afford a tight 20 year old Asian who you kiddin?"
    - mylife-inshadow
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    Anonymous said: Who is it you're marrying?


    //this cutie

    Lucky lady, I am.

    //I’m the lucky one

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    Anonymous said: If you could transform into a kitty at will, what kitty would it be? If you had to become a kitty permanently, would that kitty be different: and if so, what would it be? (And why?)

    "I’d like to think I’d make a tater nice Bengal. Why? Why not?"

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    Some of the many funny Batman and Alfred moments over the years. BROTP.

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    Anonymous said: I could be your wife ;)

    "I already have one."

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    Anonymous said: Just out of curiosity, do vamps actually get a caffeine boost? I've always wondered that: you don't exactly have a metabolism, so...

    "It’s weird…maybe it’s just a placebo effect, but if I wanna stay up past sunrise I’d need a couple cups in me. Then I can stay up almost to noon."

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    Anonymous said: Show me ur titties

    "You ain’t my wife."

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    Anonymous said: Hello! Do you have any hobbies left over from your fuzzier human days?

    "Fiddling around on the computer, Bollywood films…little things like that. Ooh! And I can never get enough coffee."

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    Bored now. Send me asks or something. Or whatever

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    Anonymous said: W/T Fic recs?



    Literally everything by vampwillowaddict1 (fics are here)

    Past that I’m not sure, because I don’t read much fic to begin with, sorry D:

    I’m also on FanFiction.net as “The Raider” and also on Archive of Our Own as “Vampwillowaddict” :)

    Plus everything on Jasmydae.com, especially works by Bagheera, Jixer, Lisa Countryman, Leonhart17, Laragh, and Antigone Unbound

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    //Hard to believe I made this account because I was in a bad place physically, emotionally and mentally and needed a way to escape.

    And through that, I’ve met people who have stuck by me through prolonged absences, have gotten my shit together, and have met the girl I’m going to marry on this very blog.

    Life is crazy and I’m exhausted and just needed to wow over this for a minute. Best fandom ever.

    //best fandom ever indeed.

    Strange….I seem to have found the same things you did through my own blog!

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    Anonymous said: Dear mun, are you secretly a vampire? I think you might have picked up a few of musey's vampiric relationship traits.

    //what do you mean, nonny?

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    Okay you guys, I get it. It’s lulzy, it’s fun, pure curious, you ship us

    I get it

    But please word your asks a little more politely, or if you’re not, at least send the more probing and crude ones to me

    But you will respect her

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